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Jewellery Repairs Brisbane

Remake, Remodel Or Repair Your Jewellery In Brisbane

The French Door Jewellers are the specialists in repairing jewellery in Brisbane. Our hand crafted design, repair, remake and remodelling service is one of the finest in Australia, backed by generations of experience and modern state of the art equipment.

Repair Service in our Brisbane Jewellery Store

Our master jeweller managers all types of repairs from watches, rings, clasps, necklaces and earrings. Our workshop in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre is fully insured, all of our workmanship is first class and comes with a full Guarantee. Here is a list of all the repairs we 

  • Ring resizing
  • Pendant claps 
  • Rhodium platting 
  • Watch batteriers
  • Retouching ring claws
  • Pearl restringing
  • Reglue pearls
  • Cleaning and polishing all jewellery
  • Gem setting
  • Solidering chains and rings 

For any other jewellery repairs come into The French Door jewellery store in Brisbane and our staff will be able to help you with what type of repair it needs and provide a quote. All repairs are done in our Brisbane jewellery store for ultimate security, as The French Door is one of the last jewellery stores with a onsite workshop. 

Remake Service in our Brisbane Jewellery Store

Can’t find exactly what you’re after? Let The French Door's team help you remake a unique design within your budget. Handmade specialists, another reason why we are your diamond destination. 

Remaking jewellery is an affordable option to buying jewellery. Come into The French Door's store, in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre Brisbane, to talk to our Master Jeweller about how we can remake your jewellery. 

Remodelling Service in our Brisbane Jewellery Store 

Old jewellery holds memories and emotions, but sometimes you find that you don't wear them because they're outdated or slightly damaged. The French Door can assist you in remodelling jewellery by using the same metal and stones. This way you can keep the sentimental value of the item but give it that "face lift" it needs so you can enjoy wearing it everyday. This service is also beneficial as it's affordable as we are using your jewellery. For more information and steps on how to remodel your jewellery at The French Door in Brisbane read here.

For more information on jewellery repairs in our Brisbane jewellery store, contact The French Door team here.