Our Custom Design Service

Watch our jewellers make exquisite pieces in our in-store jewellery workshop.

Custom Design Jewellery In Brisbane

Custom Design Jewellery In Brisbane

Jewellery is so personal, but why not make it more personal by custom designing your own piece with our jewellers at The French Door in Brisbane. Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram display millions of inspirational jewellery pictures that we constantly admire. The jewellers can recreate the item from that picture or we can design something new from scratch.

Custom design is an ideal choice if you want something unique and good quality. This option really ensures you can create a timeless piece that you will love to wear rather than keeping it locked in a jewellery box.

Custom Design Your Engagement Ring


Your engagement ring is a testimony of the love you share with your partner. You will wear your engagement ring everyday, so it should be unique and of utmost quality. Working with The French Door means custom designing your own ring with the help of a professional jeweller. Manuel, The French Door's master jeweller, has been designing and manufacturing engagement rings for over 30 years. His attention to detail and quality is impeccable. The French Door's jewellers and staff can assist you with designs, stone selection, and metal selection all within your budget. A consultation with our master jewellers is complementary in our Brisbane Jewellery Store, so come in-store any time without a booking.

Designing your dream engagement ring is easier than you think, just three simple steps:

Step 1: We recommend using apps such as Pinterest to find inspiring images of your dream engagement ring. You can also see our engagement rings on our website. Bring all designs to our Brisbane Jewellery store located in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre or email the design to info@thefrenchdoor.com.au. Our staff and jewellers will take you through options and send through a quote with different styles and prices to you as soon as possible.

Step 2: Once you have selected the design and price that suits your style and budget. The French Door's master jeweller will proceed to custom handmake the engagement ring, updating you along the way. The manufacturing process normal takes 2-6 weeks depending on the ring.

Step 3: When the master jeweller has completed your once in a lifetime engagement ring we will contact you to pick up or we can post it to you. Included with the purchase of the ring is a valuation document and your first rhodium plate/ polishing free voucher.

All that is left to do is ask the big question.. Will You Marry Me?

Come into The French Door's Brisbane store for a quote on a custom design engagement ring.

Redesign Old Jewellery

Old jewellery holds memories and emotions. But sometimes, you find that you are not wearing them because they're outdated or slightly damaged. The French Door can assist you in redesigning the item by using the same metal and stones. This way you can keep the sentimental value of the item but give it that "face lift" it needs so you can enjoy wearing it daily. This service is also beneficial as it's affordable as we are using your jewellery.

Step 1: Have you got old jewellery laying around that you don't wear anymore because it is old, outdated or doesn't fit? Have you considered remaking your old jewellery into something new that you will love to wear?

Step 2: Find Designs on apps like Pinterest to see what style you are after. You can either bring the designs into our Indooroopilly store or email them to info@thefrenchdoor.com.au. The jeweller will email you with quote options based on your design in 2-4 days. Once you are happy with the quote and give us the go ahead, manufacturing will start in our workshop located in our store.

Step 3: The master jeweller will start working on the piece that you have approved. Production normally takes 3-5 weeks, depending on the style. You will be informed on the process along the way.

Step 4: Once the ring is complete you will be notified to collect the jewellery piece at The French Door, or we can post it to you. With the piece you will also receive a valuation based on the current retail market prices.

For more information on custom design services at The French Door, leave us a message here.